How to display numbers without commas in the Firebolt UI

In the Firebolt UI, numbers are displayed with the comma separator. For example, 10000 is displayed as 10,000. This is helpful when the numbers being displayed are counts of something - units sold, money earned, number of clicks, etc. It is less helpful when the number is an ID - like Customer ID, Order Number, Inventory Tag, etc. For example, many people would find Customer ID 123,456,789 harder to read than Customer ID 123456789.

This article solely addresses the display in the Firebolt UI. The data is not stored in the database with commas, it is not exported with commas, and other tools (BI dashboards, Looker reports, 3rd party SQL editors, etc.) will display numbers according to their formatting rules.

There is not a way to set a column configuration in the UI itself. To remove the commas from the display, change the query to cast the number field to text.


WITH num AS (SELECT 123456789 AS custID)SELECT custID AS custID_num,custID::TEXT AS custID_text FROM num

Running the query above gives these results in the Firebolt UI: